At some point you will likely face a major challenge related to change within your company. A corporate merger, expansion, reorganization, acquisition, consolidation or restructuring for growth. Nearly all strategies require an understanding of, and a focus on, both people strategies and business strategies. The problem is many times business strategies are not aligned with the motivations of the individuals within the organization. This misalignment is a common problem that our People and Change practice is uniquely adept at solving.

Armed with thirty years of experience in the trenches of change management, RPG serves as an expert adviser to help senior executives achieve company goals. We specialize in providing innovative, integrated and practical solutions to align your organization's people and business strategies.

Our focus is on driving business performance by helping you maximize the potential of your people. We can help you understand them, and help them develop and grow. We can help your organization manage change initiatives and avoid the common pitfalls of organizational change, increase the effectiveness of your HR service delivery, provide learning and leadership services and improve talent management.

The old saying about fitting a "round peg in a square hole" is still true.

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