When you hire well, the individual fits the job and the existing team. Through teambuilding you get a group of talented executives working in a constructive direction. But everyone, no matter how talented, has some rough edges - and sometimes even highly talented performers suddenly change for seemingly no reason.

Equally important, if you're lucky enough to have an "A" performer on your team, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars would you realize if that "A" could be an "A+"?

There are many "executive coaches" whose credentials merely consist of the desire to be a coach. In some cases these individuals are retreads from other fields with two months of training. Would you allow someone with two month of training to operate on you? Don't your top players deserve better too?

At RPG, we use sophisticated psychological assessment, and tailor programs to match both the goals of the organization and the individual.

RPG acts as the individual executive's consulting team. After all, as an organization your aren't interested in the coaching process - you want to see results.

The old saying about fitting a "round peg in a square hole" is still true.

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