At RPG we take a practical and aggressive approach to consulting. If you can't see a financial advantage, why partner with a consultant? We can show you how enhancing your people-assets, the "soft" side of business, leads to real money and the competitive advantage you're looking for.

How? We partner with the experts on your business--you--to evaluate your needs. Many business consultants out there are "canned: and use a one-size-fits-all-approach. We understand the real issue--that each organization is unique. Teaming with you, we determine your specific needs and tailor a results-oriented plan that optimizes the performance of your workforce and promotes your business goals and objectives. Then we work side-by-side with you to implement that plan and help ensure its success.

We are experienced PhD's with over 30 years of business consulting experience. In those three decades, we have worked with hundreds of companies in almost every industry sector. We have developed thousands of executives, built better teams, handled crises and mergers, and helped our clients avoid employment-related lawsuits. We have published articles, books and columns on the use of consultants, testing, assessment, and developing executives in industry.

Producing measurable results for our clients is our mission.

The old saying about fitting a "round peg in a square hole" is still true.

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