Robyn W. Porterfield PhD, Principal

Dr. Robyn Porterfield spent over ten years in sales and marketing prior to completing her PhD in Industrial Psychology. She served as Director of Client Services for a Texas-based on-line psychological testing firm, where she consulted to management on such issues as individual and team fit, conflict resolution, hiring, coaching, and management succession planning. As a consultant, she has assessed executives in such diverse industries as financial management, food service, telecommunications and retail. Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Rose co-write a column for the Dallas Business Journal titled, "C-Level Coach". She is also a professional mediator and currently mediates for Dispute Resolution Services of Tarrant County, Texas.
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Robert G. Rose PhD, Principal

Dr. Bob Rose received his PhD from Florida State University. Since 1976 he has served as consultant to organizations in virtually every industry including health care, retail, IT services, manufacturing, construction, aviation, and many others. In his over 30 years as a consultant, Dr. Rose has encountered virtually every problem that an organization can experience, and has seen that good teamwork - from hiring to development - always benefits both the individual and the company. Dr. Rose is the author of numerous articles on communication, crisis handling, and conceptualizing purpose and culture within organizations, and his books are required reading by major corporations. Dr. Rose and Dr. Porterfield co-write a column for the Dallas Business Journal titled, "C-Level Coach".
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